How to add Shop Ads search to Internet Explorer and other browsers

If clicking on the button that says Add Shop Ads Search , on the home page or here, does not work, then the following can be done.


  1. Normally on the Top Right of your current Internet browser, Next to the right side of your Internet browser's Search field (on Internet Explorer or Firefox, or others) there is a Pull-Down Menu arrow that is colored currently.  Click on that Arrow to reveal menu and choices.
  2. Next, scroll down and choose something similar to "Add Search Providers" (depends on version/browser), and select Shop Ads when shown.

    Add Shop Ads Search via Search Menu

  3. A message winodow will show asking you to confirm the adding of the new search engine provider of Shop Ads.  Click Add or OK (or similar depending on your browser). Leave the checkbox of "Use search suggestions from this provider" checked. The other checkbox is optional depending on your usage preference.

    Confirmation Window to add Shop Ads Search


:) Now on your Internet browser list of search providers, you have Shop Ads showing to choose anytime you want.

Shop Ads added to IE list of Search Providers

google_ad_channel = "Shop Ads General336x280"